Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Post :)

My weekend was full of cleaning, laundry, errands and not a lot of fun...But somehow I still enjoyed it! Supposedly this crummy Ohio weather is finally going to play nice starting this week- it better after the snow we saw Saturday! I decided to take advantage of the yucky days and start some Spring cleaning/ organizing! PeeWee was there to help me every step of the way...

Sunday, I started making a DIY Mother's Day gift. So far I'm pretty happy with it, but there is one flaw so far that is driving me cray! I'm trying to decide if it "adds character" or if I should start over (I bought extra materials knowing this would probably happen...I haven't taken on a project in a while!)

I have been documenting every step of the way, so when I'm finished I will share step by step photos!

I also got my butt back to the gym after a VERY long absence & signed up for one month unlimited aerobics classes. Today I took my first Pilates class and LOVED it! How do you like to stay in shape? What motivates you? I'm going to need serious pointers on how to stay on track!

How was your weekend? Happy Monday :)

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