Sunday, April 15, 2012

oh em's been almost a year!

Time flies.
That is all I have to say. That's not true...
A LOT has happened in the past year, and clearly blogging was not one of those things. I laughed when I read my last post where I apologized for being MIA and promised to post all the time....
No more empty promises, but let's set a goal: I will TRY to post three times a week & get back in the swing of things!

Since it would take a while to recap any and all blog worthy topics from the past year (bore), here are the top 3 events that have taken place during my absence in blog world...

1. I am now a full time nanny for two beautiful little girls, Ali (14 months) & Ava (28 months) and I LOVE it! I have been with their family since October 1, 2011. Some of our accomplishments in the past 6 months include learning some basic baby signing, potty training Ava (she is doing GREAT!!) & eliminating the gosh darn binkies (halleluiah!). 
Ava calls me "MeMe", which only fuels onlookers already evil glares (who clearly think I'm a "16 and pregnant" case...I know it's not my imagination when I see them stare at my bare ring finger as they say, "Wow it looks like you have your hands full"....Judgey McJudgersons) because it certainly sounds a  lot like "mommy"...but I love it! Next on my forehead that says "I'm the nanny!" 
Juuuuust kidding...maybe a t-shirt would suffice
We have a pretty busy schedule. We attend music class, gym class, story time at the library, swimming lessons, play dates, countless field trips, etc. On average, I take about 50 pictures a day, but I will just share my favorites of each of the girls so you can see what beauties they are! They will surely make a frequent appearance in future posts...I fell in love just about instantly, who wouldn't?

Ali- via instagram
Ava- via instagram
 There will be plenty more where that came from! If you have instagram, follow me at mischy_ou... and if you don't have instagram, GET IT! You won't regret.

2. I got a new ride :) Long story short, my 2000 Audi A6, which I loved for about a year took a turn for the worse and decided to break on me every two months or so. I don't know what you all know about foreign cars, but let me tell you, they cost a pretty penny to repair! I bit the bullet and traded in my car for one that's built Ford tough baby!

Brand spankin' new 2012 Ford Escape...I am SO in LOVE. Her name is Sexy Rae- Sexy for obvious reasons & Rae is short for Ramen noodles, which is what I'll be living on for the next few years in order to pay for her.
3. Big milestones for my two best friends! My best friends mean the world to me and big things are happening for them & I could not be more excited! Lindsay Just got engaged! Go check out her blog if you haven't already and read all about their love story...I die! LOVE them :) My other best friend Kay is also expecting a baby girl, due August 13th! I am literally overwhelmed with joy that I get to be a part of these special events! I'm going to be an aunt!! Can't wait to spoil the little nugget :)

Lindsay & Andy's engagement party- via instagram

I'm sure I'll drop a few other tid bits about the past year on you along the way...but that caught us up somewhat. I can't wait to catch up on your posts... Now tell me, what are some of your favorite new blogs? (Or old blogs...let's be real, I was gone a while!) I'm sad that I missed out on some good topics like The Hunger Games, and other new book/movie/TV/music/fashion buzz so feel free to share the links your posts on such topics in the comments to catch me up!


  1. Hello. And congrats for you full time job. I ended up on your page via Christine's. Just to let you know it's "un certain je ne sais quoi" (i'm french ;))

  2. aw hi melissa! glad to see you are doing well! :)


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