Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


+I realized that I have new twitter followers (cool); I check to see who these lovely people are; One is Heidi Montag- verified account....How? Why?
+My bangs have reached an awkward length where they are are almost too long to wear forward & almost to short to wear to the side. After putting them to the front and to the side, back and forth so many times trying to decide which way to wear them, I have officially created my own bad hair day and only have myself to blame


+This is my first Awkward and Awesome post! I always enjoy reading others' posts and usually get a good laugh out of them. I decided to partake in the fun (created by Sydney of The Day Book) like the 554 bloggers before me & in the process bring some structure to my very random blog; I've been debating having some kind of cutesy schedule for my posts like so many other awesome bloggers do, so readers can somewhat know what to expect from me...but we shall see! It is a lot to ask of Queen ADD right hurrrr
+I get to go back to celebrity serve at my old restaurant today! :) My manager & good friend called me asking for help because they were short a few servers so I agreed to help out for the day! I'll get to see all of my lovely friends at the restaurant, eat some of the food I've been missing & make some extra dollas! Awesome. They couldn't make it more than 2 weeks without me I see {Dusts dirt off shoulders} ;)
+There is a man who lives near me. Lindsay and I refer to him as "Creepy Cat Man". His hobbies include standing statue still in his driveway for hours on end, holding a leash attached to his freakishly large cat & letting his creepy long hair blow in the wind. Why is this awesome? Because this individual (who I'm sure is a great person; please don't think I'm Judgy McJudgerson...the name just fits) shows his face only when the weather breaks; similar to the groundhog. I saw him. Spring is near :)
+I just participated in my first ever blogger challenge! I saw it this morning while getting my daily dose of The Day Book (thanks for posting about it by the way!) It's intimidating sharing this with you all because there are so many other great looks already entered & this is a first for me, but now that I've gotten the first one out of the way I feel better about participating in more in the future; it's all in good fun after all :)

Here is my entry:
To see other entries go here
Voting begins on April 11th, but I'll remind y'all on Monday
To vote {hopefully for moi :) } go here

You may have noticed that my fave 2011 spring trends inspired this outfit...and in case you didn't notice, I labeled the pieces. You're welcome :) 

Happy Thursday!
The weekend is almost here :)
I hope this Thursday is more Awesome than Awkward for you as well! 
No idea how I pulled that off. That will probably never happen again.
Who am I kidding; the day is young...


  1. hahahahaha love that creepy cat man got a shout out!

  2. I'm so happy to have stumbled on your blog through the DYL Challenge! Your entry is incredible--and I cannot get enough of those red scalloped shorts! Those platform wedges are to die for too!

    If you had fun with this, you might like my weekly link-up, Friday’s Fancies! Though I can't promise $200, I can promise an extra entry in my
    {ode to france giveaway} this week! It's a great way to find new blogs and share your fabulous sense of fashion!

    Hope you have a great week--and that you'll think about linking up this Friday :) xoxo {av}


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